For medical science, the vast range from treatment facilities to establishment of preventive measures in order to decrease the mortality and morbidity rate and lifestyle improvement to reach the sustainable development goals is the main target now.

Being in the medical profession means being on a learning curve for the entire life. Every minute, there are new researches going on particular topics and journals publishing to improve both preventive and curative tools to enhance the achievement for a healthy civilization of our population.

Keeping track of all of this new information and data is a mammoth task and as practicing with the latest guidelines on medicine is a very energetic work, many healthcare professionals find it hard to keep themselves updated with new journals and researches.

In this pandemic situation, social media has become a common phenomenon where people are spending a lot of time than before. Any type of stories are getting “viral” based on public choices and opinions. It's high time to increase productivity in both our personal and professional life and also what chores we love to do.

There is always news of medical miracles and stories which doctors need to be updated and keep up with in order to keep track with their patients treatment and follow up.

Established research institutions and regulatory institutions that control how to manage patients, always update their guidelines based on newer authentic study on research experiences. These guidelines are essential to be followed by all practitioners. So, it is important to stay connected with the reviewed guidelines all the time for provision of healthcare improvement.

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